“Want to give a HUGE shout out to Disaster Brigade, USA located here in Jefferson City! They came out and gave us an estimate for our floating studio and they are going to be able to help us with the damage. Thank you all for your prayers – I am so very grateful to our viewers and supporters that help us keep the Gospel of Jesus Christ going forward!

Vickie, Gospel of Jesus Christ in Jefferson City

“My wife & I awoke in the morning to find a wet floor and the water heater spraying up on the wall. My insurance agent came out to have a look and called Ivan Turner of Disaster Brigade, USA, as he trusts Ivan’s work. He explained that some disaster companies come in and just start ripping material out that may not really need to be removed, but Ivan takes care to do only what is necessary.

I was not disappointed. Ivan and his assistant showed up within the hour and went to work removing about 300 square feet of laminate flooring until dry material was found. They needed to leave for a short time to get equipment, and when they returned, they had brought boxes and helped me move books from the bookshelves!

Several fans were set up around the area to dry the floors and bases of the walls. One wall was very wet, but Ivan was able to save the drywall. The fans and a dehumidifier had to be run for several days, and he came by at the end of each day to check moisture levels and evaluate the situation.

Throughout this process, Ivan always patiently explained what he was doing, and why. He took the time to answer all my questions, and gladly took the time to call my wife at work to explain it to her as well. His demeanor was professional, yet warm and friendly. He even worked with the insurance adjuster so I didn’t have to.

I highly recommend Disaster Brigade, USA if you have a disaster that needs to be cleaned up quickly. Clearly, Ivan is an expert in this business, and I promise you will be happy with his work.

Harvey Helms, Holts Summit, MO

“One early morning I was making my rounds checking one of many structures on the sprawling 175 acre Rickman Center Christian Retreat. One of the buildings is a newer church of approximately 6500-7000 square feet.

To my shock, I realized upon entering that something was amiss. Sure enough, the fire suppression sprinkler system had burst, releasing thousands of gallons of unasked for water. Some ceilings were wet, most lower portions of walls were wet, but the biggest concern was what to do with the water that was covering every square inch of flooring. Our church is a very high quality built structure and we simply didn’t want to cause further damage that what had already occurred.

My first call was to one of the local restoration companies. They did respond in a timely manner, but something just didn’t feel right, especially when they gave me their “guess-timate” cost to dry our church. I knew we needed more, much more than just a random estimate. That’s when I called locally renowned drying expert Ivan Turner, owner of Disaster Brigade, USA.

Ivan arrived within minutes of my call for help and shortly after gave myself and the organizations management a firm cost for the drying. More importantly Ivan gave us plan of action.

More than 70 fans and multiple commercial dehumidifiers were strategically placed to optimize the drying process. Four days later our beautiful church was completely dry.

Thank you Turner and Disaster Brigade, USA

Jeff Silvey, General Manager | Rickman Center

“Long overdue appreciation: This past July 4th weekend was a blast at Table Rock lake! Usually after a long weekend and too much sun it is time to return home and veg out while trying to avoid the dread that comes with anticipating work. “Vegging out” was not the case last year!! Here’s how it went…

My family and I walk in the front door of our home (bags in tow). I’m on the phone to alert the relatives we made it home and thank them for the time and memories when I hear a VERY unusual noise that immediately causes a knot in my stomach… about that time I step into ankle deep water as my husband is rounding the corner. We discovered we had a line on the hot water heater come apart. Our house is flooded! There is no telling how long this water had been running and my AMAZING family jumps into action!! We shut the well off to stop the water and had 3 different squeegees going to shove what we could out the back door.

We were lost on what to do next (other than neutralize the situation). We cleaned up all personal effects and moved what we could out of the pathway of the water. We used ever towel in the house and I started making calls for help/answers.

My first call was to a local company I had seen on the television. They told us (over the phone) that in order to come out to our house they would need us to sign a contract and pay them multiple thousands of dollars to start the drying process. This was not an option for us (because like many we do not have thousands of dollars just lying around).

My next call was to our insurance company because I was already feeling as though this was going to be a much bigger job/expense than just using some bathroom towels. The water had already started soaking up the walls in 3 rooms! My insurance agent (Luebbering Insurance Agency) gave me the number for the Disaster Brigade. My agent told me that he had personally used the company with a privately owned home.

My last call was to Ivan Turner with Disaster Brigade. I was amazed when he answered the phone! My first thought was, “Is this legit?” I felt more like I was on a personal phone call than a business one. Ivan could hear the panic in my voice and was so effective at calming me down and said “I’ll be there within the hour.” It was almost too good to be true! I’ve never had a company give me such a promise and honestly I was skeptical that he would actually keep his word.

He arrived within the hour!! He not only assessed our home, he started the drying process right away and went above and beyond to help us work with our insurance company.

One of the best parts of working with Ivan is that he didn’t charge me thousands of dollars up front to fix my home. He NEVER treated my family or I as anything less than family. He was willing to allow us to pay our insurance deductible in payments (to him) and when the insurance company held the deductible from the settlement he was very prompt to give us the money we paid out of pocket back (because the insurance covered the expense).

I could go on about our experience with Disaster Brigade, but I know this is long already.

The last thing I want to say is that this is one of the BEST military friendly businesses I have had the pleasure of working with!! I would recommend Disaster Brigade to anyone I know. My insurance carrier even asked them if they were interested in contracting all of their disaster claims (not too often an insurance company believes in this type of business).


Christy Pendegraft


“Thank you doesn’t begin to say enough to you and your team for everything you have done for our family these past few weeks.

After the sudden death of our brother and we had met you and Matt for the first time. You went out of your way to make sure our family valuables were removed from the house, even before we had hired Disaster Brigade, USA to clean and make the house safe for us to enter.

Ivan you explained to us step by step what was going to happen and how much time it would take to complete the job, which was finished earlier than expected.

John and I felt confident we had made the right choice in hiring Disaster Brigade, USA. When tragedy happens and your whole life is suddenly turned upside down, thank goodness there are compassionate people like you and Disaster Brigade, USA to help make the situation a whole lot easier to get through.

We will highly recommend Disaster Brigade to everyone that needs help. So again we say thank you so much for your kind words, support and a job well done.

To you Ivan, Matt and all of the people that helped our family, Thank You.”

John & Burma Walther