Disaster Brigade, U.S.A. employs state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology, to ensure you receive the Fastest, Healthiest Way To Dry!

Cofounder and CEO Ivan Turner has been actively involved in the water, mold and fire damage clean up business in the mid-Missouri area for more than 22 years. Disaster Brigade, U.S.A. has the expertise and experience to get the unwanted water removed and your home or office to be dried out thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

Our certified and experienced professionals understand that the last thing you need when your house floods is more stress than you already have. We understand that many are concerned with their water damage turning into a mold concern, and for good reason too! Disaster Brigade, U.S.A. installs HEPA filtration systems FREE of charge on all water losses, large or small to capture air-borne contaminants which greatly reduce the risk of mold growth.

We will handle your emergency water damage clean up and repairs promptly and professionally to your satisfaction and peace of mind. Our team has significant experience and success in communicating with insurers and their representatives. We will estimate the extent of your water damage and bill your insurer direct, if you choose.

Disaster Brigade, U.S.A. offers concierge service to all of its valued customers. From the time you notify us of your water damage, through the entire process and after your property has been dried, our concierge will initiate and maintain exceptional communications to keep you abreast of the drying project. You will never be kept in the dark with Disaster Brigade, U.S.A.

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The Advantages of using Disaster Brigade, U.S.A

  • Founded, owned and operated by honorably discharged Military veterans.
  • Rapid 1 hour Response mobilization.
  • We provide 24/7 emergency service 365 days per year.
  • $250 of your deductible goes to Operation Give Back and Fallen Warriors, in your name.
  • Free estimate with one of our certified specialists.
  • Our Mission Specialist are Disciplined, loyal and courteous.
  • Our Mission Specialist are IICRC Certified.
  • We will take care of all communications with the insurance company.
  • All customers are assigned a personal concierge service.
  • Innovative 1 of a kind FlexPay program.
  • Priority Cat – FREE pre-planning guaranteeing discounts and locked in first priority in your time of need.
  • Innovators of the ECONODRY system for the DIY.
  • A Rock Solid GUARANTEE that can only come from a precision based operator.
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You have the legal right to choose whichever restoration company best fits your needs and wants. Use due diligence when insurers attempt to steer you to a restoration provider that you are uncomfortable with. Tell your agent that you support our nations Veterans, demand the best, and will not settle for less than Disaster Brigade, U.S.A.!

If you have water, mold or fire damage, call Mid Missouri’s foremost innovators in expert solutions and a Customer Service Experience that is unparalleled.

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