ECONODRY™ is a one of a kind innovative service that was formed to assist the DIY customer who has chosen to tackle the work of drying and repair on their own, often with the help of family and friends.

Lets face it, today’s insurance deductibles are rising and some types of water damage losses are not covered under your standard policy. Many property owners fear a rate increase or worse yet, a cancellation of coverage due to water damage and for good reason too! Worry no more, we are here to help.

ECONODRY™ provides the professional grade tools and drying equipment that property owners and managers need to perform much of the recovery process. Our equipment rental program is very affordable at roughly 50% less than the cost of the services of a professional firm.

As a highly trained professional restorer, I do advise property owners and managers to contract with Disaster Brigade, U.S.A., for professional service delivery by the highest trained staff in Mid Missouri. However, it is your property and only you can make that decision.

ECONODRY™ offers far more than affordable rental of drying equipment. We offer options like pick-up and delivery of equipment and state of the art remote monitoring services to keep your drying process on track. Our customers have the option of oversight and project management with the assistance of our team of Mission Specialist led by Ivan Turner, one of the nations highest trained restoration experts.

If you are up for the challenge, call today and an estimator will be immediately dispatched to your property to view the damage, make recommendations and provide you a firm estimate on drying equipment rental and optional project management fee.

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