How long should it take to dry my flooded property?
The answer; there are many factors that will determine the measure of time that it takes to return the property to EMC, or equilibrium moisture content. In other words, the water damaged areas have returned to the same moisture level as unaffected areas of the property. Sounds simple enough, right?

Some of the “time” determining influences may include; how long has the unwanted water been in the structure? What type of materials have been exposed to the water? What type of drying equipment is employed by the “restorer” or “property owner” when attempting to dry the structure.
Most prominently; how adept is the restorer in comprehending the complexities while attempting to dry the structure? Does he understand the science of drying? Does he fully understand the difference between bound and non-bound water? He should as the drying times can vary, sometimes significantly based on these factors.

Disaster Clean-up is not a perfect science. However, after having dried countless water damaged properties through the years; from Columbia, Fulton, Jefferson City, reaching way past Lake of the Ozarks Missouri; one thing I have learned is this; with the right experience, equipment and interior moisture conditions, a dry down time can be estimated within reason.

So now you know the answer to the age old question that all mid-Missouri property owners with water damage ask themselves when they have suffered a water damage calamity. While we can’t guarantee the precise time it takes to dry a property without a thorough inspection, we can promise an unparalleled response time and a Knock your socks off customer service experience that you will love.

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